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brilliant Jewelry

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About Us

Brilliant Jewelry, Inc. is a Miami, FL based diamond manufacture that sells directly to wholesalers, brokers and retailers. Brilliant Jewelry, Inc is heavily involved in the Antwerp and Israel diamond exchange. Based out of South Florida with locations in Tel Aviv, we are able to provide a committed personal service backed by a valuable product to our members worldwide. Our GIA trained and certified gemologists make every custom jewelry conception a possibility. We work ardently to provide our members with ideal customer service backed by a reliable and guaranteed product. Because you skip the middlemen entirely, the client receives phenomenal prices and a variety of diamonds and jewelry at real cost!

Brilliant Jewelry, Inc is also proud to announce our brand new location in Brasilla, Brazil! We are currently undergoing many projects in Brazil due to its heavy production rare fancy color diamond rough. Every day is a new find at our offices in Brazil and now clients get the opportunity to purchase stones that are truly collector peaces. This image below is one parcel from Brazil and as you can see the colors are one of a kind. Brazil projects will be updated in the news section to find out the latest news and production!