1.11 CT D Flawless Round Natural Loose Engagement Diamond Solita
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Product details

  • ColorD Colorless
  • ClarityFlawless (HPHT) Super Clean
  • ShapeRound Brilliant
  • Total Carat-Weight1.11 CT
  • Measurements6.70 x 6.64 x 4.12
  • Depth62%
  • Table55.3%
  • GirdleMed
  • CuletNone
  • PolishExcellent
  • SymmetryExcellent
  • FluorescenceNone
  • CutIdeal
This diamond is big, beautiful and absolutely stunning. This is a 1.11CT 100% natural mined diamond. This gorgeous diamond is 100% Super Eye Clean! This diamond has been rated a natural Flawless clarity and a hpht colorless D rating.   What you see is what you get, we do not use stock images  these are the actual images of the diamond you will receive. These images are the actual pictures of the 1.11 CT diamond, as you can see from the pictures this diamond is full of fire, life and brilliance, it is absolutely stunning, with a D rating the diamond is ICY WHITE! There have been no image alterations the colors you see are the actual colors of fire from this diamond.  These diamond images are 30-60X magnified, even with this magnification the diamond is very crisp with NO inclusions. This diamond will blow you away with fire and brilliancy and will take any one's breath away. We sell diamonds for a manufacture of diamonds in Israel so you are getting what retailers pay for there diamonds and allot of the times less! This diamond retails for over $263,048.00. If you need this diamond in a setting please let us know we have thousands of different styles available. If you have any questions you may Email or give us a call at (877) 254-9682. We also offer a discount for bank to bank wire transfers! These transactions are protected by Square Trade
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1.11 CT D Flawless Round Natural Loose Engagement Diamond Solita


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