.43CT Fancy Deep Orangy PINK GIA Certified Loose Engagement Diam
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Product details

  • Carat Range0.26-0.50
  • ClaritySI2(Super Eye Clean!)
  • ShapeModified Octagonal Brillian
  • TypeNatural
  • Total Carat-Weight.43CT
  • Measurements5.07 x 3.40 x 3.06
  • Depth72.1%
  • Table69%
  • GirdleTHK - ETK, Faceted
  • CuletNone
  • PolishVery Good
  • SymmetryVery Good
  • CertificateGIA
  • FluorescenceStrong Blue

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.43CT Fancy Deep Orangy Pink GIA Certified Loose Diamond 




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General Characteristics
Total carat weight

 .43 CT

Metal type None
Metal weight None
Ring size None
Appraised value



Diamond Characteristics


Modified Octagonal Brilliant




 5.07 x 3.40 x 3.06


Fancy Deep Orangy PINK!


SI2(Super Eye Clean!)





Girdle  THK - ETK, Faceted



Very Good!


Very Good!


Strong Blue


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        GIA REPORT # 5111131308

              STOCK # BJ-1308




This is a .43CT  Modified Octagonal Brilliant Cut 100% Natural Even Fancy Deep Orangy PINK GIA Certified diamond! This diamond has been rated by Gemological Institute of America with a Natural Fancy DEEP Orangy PINK color grade and a Natural SI2 Eye Clean Clarity. What you see is what you get with Brilliant Jewelry, as we do not use stock photos. THESE IMAGES ARE THE DIAMONDS YOU WILL RECIEVE. This diamond is very crisp with minimal inclusions, even with a 30-60x magnification. The fire and brilliancy will blow you away.  We sell diamonds for a manufacturer in Israel. So you are getting what RETAILERS pay for their diamonds, often times even cheaper than what THEY pay! This diamond has a replacement value of $141,000.00. All original GIA certification papers and documents will arrive with the diamond upon order for a certification fee of $160.00. If you'd like this diamond in a setting, we also have thousands of different styles of rings, pendants, earrings, and much more available. To request a full copy of the GIA certification papers please give us a call at (877) 254-9682. Don’t miss this opportunity on a diamond that comes only once in a lifetime, especially at this kind of price! We also offer a discount for bank to bank transfers! These transactions are protected by Square Trade.






Why Invest in colored diamonds?



Stephen Hershoff


Diamonds have long been considered the ultimate form of concentrated wealth - a private and easily transportable international currency. The coloured diamond market in particular can be traced back centuries to Indian merchants and European kings. These rare items have always adorned royalty and the wealthy merchant classes as symbols of power and prestige. Elizabeth Taylor and the Sultan of Brunei can be counted amongst those who have developed a passion for rare coloured diamonds.

Usually small and subtle, coloured diamonds possess a sophisticated, low-key glamour that only the wearer, or another elite connoisseur, can understand.

Although coloured diamonds continue to evoke images of wealth and prestige, collectors and investors now recognize the powerful investment fundamentals driving this closely held market. Few markets offer the price stability, concentration of wealth and growth prospects of coloured diamonds.

Investors are interested in the diamond market because "the supply-demand curve is very advantageous-growing demand and little new supply," notes Stephane de la Serre of Diapason Commodities Management, which is administering a fund of million-dollar-plus stones.

Diamond prices may soon be their highest ever, industry experts say, thanks to growing demand from new markets, boosting the cost of that engagement ring as much as 30 % over the next five years. At a meeting in Antwerp, Belgium, the president of Russia's ZAO Alrosa said diamond prices will rise to new highs as demand outpaces production. For the first time, the market faces a growing shortage of rough, Sergey Vybornov told a conference organized by the Antwerp World Diamond Centre. This will have a significant impact on long-term prices in the diamond market.

As sophisticated international investors continue to seek portable, tangible wealth in these uncertain times, the potential of investing in rare coloured diamonds has never been stronger.


In addition, investors must also understand which diamond colours are perceived in the commercial marketplace as being more rare than others.


Extremely Rare Notably Rare Modestly Rare
Red Orange Yellow
Violet Purple Gray
Green Pink Brown
Blue Olive Black

Table W.1 is designed to explain different levels of rarity. However, there are exceptions, such as pure orange diamonds, which are almost as rare as reds or blues. Orange is more common with secondary colours of brown or yellow, whereas blue and red rarely appear as secondary colours.

It is important to understand that stones that are classified as modestly rare, such as yellow diamonds and brown diamonds, have also seen dramatic sales increases because of their affordability, beauty and rarity relative to colourless diamonds. Canary yellows and cognac browns are two of the most popular offerings in the market, with sales at the retail and auction level continuing to increase.

Conversely, stones classified as extremely rare are truly one of a kind pieces and are available in the open market only a few times a year. These stones continue to set new record prices at auction on an annual basis and will often see several buyers competing for the same stone. A 1 carat red diamond just sold privately through a US dealer for $1.5 million dollars, while a 6-carat vivid blue diamond sold at auction for a new record price of $1.3 million dollars per carat. Both scenarios have a positive impact on the market and add to the continuing demand and appeal of coloured diamonds.

In the coloured diamond marketplace where buyers compete against one another to own the so-called best stones for their collection and/or portfolio knowing the order of coloured diamond rarity from least rare to more rare is an important step in determining a diamonds present and potential value.

Certificates & reports

When purchasing a fancy coloured diamond, it is essential that the stone have an origin-of-colour report from the GIA or one of the other qualified gemological laboratories.  The most identified laboratory in the world for grading and certifying coloured diamonds is the GIA. The GIA will analyse the stone and create a colour-only report, which identifies the colour, the weight, the measurements and colour grade. This report will also determine whether or not the diamonds colour is natural and unaltered, which is the single most important information on the report. The GIA also produces more detailed full-certificates, which includes the clarity, a measurement of the fluorescence of the stone and an analysis of the shape and polish of the stone. The other laboratories used for grading and certification are: the IGI, EGL, Gubelin and the HRD. A Stephen Hofer report from Fancy Color Consultants is also a valuable coloured diamond document. Mr. Hofer analyzes and measures the colour, provides a historical reference for that type of stone and explains why that particular piece is a rare and unique collectors item.


Coloured diamond demand

Coloured diamonds appear infrequently in nature. In fact, for every 10,000 carats of colourless diamonds mined, only 1 carat will turn out to be a fancy coloured diamond. Of the estimated 163 million carats of diamonds mined in 2007, only a few thousand carats will be cut and polished coloured diamonds.

Consider the Argyle mine in Australia:

The largest source of pink diamonds in the world is the Argyle mine in Australia. They may recover 25 million carats of diamonds in a year, but only 10,000 carats of pink, of which fewer than 1,000 will be larger than a quarter of a carat in the rough.

Anyone involved in the diamond market should understand that important long-term developments are occurring in diamond-producing countries around the world that will have a direct impact on prices over the next decade.

Although these developments have been unfolding over the last five years, they are now coming to the forefront as dealers, jewelers and consumers struggle with the reality of the market fundamentals: the global supply of diamonds is decreasing for the first time in 25 years

The first announcements came out of Australia in 2003, when Rio Tinto Diamonds, owner of the largest diamond mine in the world, The Argyle Mine, announced that they would no longer be mining the alluvial deposits surrounding the main open-pit mine. Another announcement quickly followed indicating that Argyle was doing a feasibility study to determine how much longer reserves could support current mining rates.

In late 2005, After millions of dollars of research and a lucrative financial package from the Australian government, Argyle decided to take the mine underground in 2007 and close the open-pit mine. Since that announcement, the Argyle mine experienced a supply decline from a peak of 35 million carats to just over 20 million carats in 2007, drastically impacting the supply of pink and cognac diamonds.

During this time De Beers announced that they would be closing the oldest diamond mine in the world, the Kimberly mine in South Africa, along with two other smaller mines. This was another indication of where the supply in the market is headed. As South Africa is the primary source of yellow diamonds, the supply of certain types of coloured diamonds began to come under pressure. South Africa is expecting supply to decline from 14 million carats in 2006 to 12 million carats in 2007, almost a 20 % decline.

As recently as the autumn of 2007, a number of diamond producing countries have been reporting first half production and a number of them have reported decreases.

     1) Russia reported a supply decline of 6 % from their most recent results, confirming that Russian diamond supply is on the decline.

     2) The Democratic Republic of Congo experienced declines of approximately 19 % from the previous year as new mining operations have lower reserves than anticipated.

     3) Botswana, the largest diamond producing country in the world, recently reported that supply is expected to be flat from last year to this year.

Dr. Steve Sjuggerud, editor of True Wealth Newsletter, recently reported that by 2008 the world would be facing a diamond shortage. Based on recent global reports on diamond mining production and exploration, the decreasing supply developments in the global diamond market are occurring at a much faster pace than anticipated.

About Us

Brilliant Jewelry, INC. is a true diamond wholesaler that sells directly for diamond manufactures out of Antwerp and Israel. Based out of South Florida and Tel Aviv, we are able to provide a committed personal service backed by a valuable product to our members worldwide. Our GIA trained and certified gemologists make every custom jewelry conception a possibility. We work ardently to provide our members with ideal customer service backed by a reliable and guaranteed product. Because we skip the middle man entirely, we sell a phenomenal variety of diamonds and jewelry at an unbeatable price!
What sets Brilliant Jewelry, INC apart from everyone else?
1. Brilliant Jewelry, INC offers a full membership option for all our clientele which provides special rates and services for members who consistently take advantage of our quality products at already unbeatable prices. It helps build a strong business relationship with all our clients so that we may provide you with the best possible diamond from the most reliable and trustworthy jeweler.
2. An honest product at an honest price with honest service. Our feedback speaks for itself. Every photograph of every diamond and jewelry item we sell is taken by Brilliant Jewelry, INC's professional studio with no enhancements or alterations of any kind.
3. Our diamonds come straight from the source! This makes it possible for us to sell our merchandise cheaper than anyone else. The quality is 100% Earth mined guaranteed conflict free! From the mine to us to you!!
4. Along with our ideal customer service and illustrious product variety, we also offer natural fancy colored diamonds! These are precious investment stones that only increase in value as the years go by!
5. We offer a full 7-Day refund with absolutely no restocking fee for every product because we understand to truly be content with what you desire you have to experience it for yourself.
6. Free fully insured shipping for all domestic purchases under $25,000!


All international buyers please contact us before bidding.

Please contact us for any other forms of payment other then PayPal.

We only ship to a PayPal confirmed address.

Payment must be received within 3 (three) days of end of auction.



This item will be shipped to you via USPS Express Overnight Fully Insured Mail Service.


Shipping is free of charge and fully insured!


International Buyers

·         Import duties, taxes and charges are not included in the item price of shipping charges. International shipping , and all other charges are the buyers responsibility.

·         These charges are normally collected by the international delivering service, Please do not be mistaken, and these are not additional shipping charges.

·         Please check with your country’s customs office to determine what these additional costs will be prior to bidding/buying.


Payments must be received before any items leave the premises of Brilliant Jewelry, INC. We do not use any escrow services. If you have any questions before bidding please call us at 877 254 9682.

We reserve the right to cancel bids on items from bidders with a negative feedback rating; or high retraction rates on bidding. We reserve the right to pre-qualify bidders with a zero purchasing history. This is to protect and ensure the integrity of the products we offer, and to ensure the items up for auction reach the fair market value among qualified purchasers


Item(s) must be back within 7 days for a full refund of your purchase price minus shipping and eBay fees. We stand behind our products 100%. We can give you a replacement or a refund promptly upon receiving the item. Send it back to the address on the invoice, and be sure to include a copy of the invoice! Diamonds and or the ring are examined by a certified gemologist prior to an issue of a refund; if the ring or diamonds are altered in any way then no refunds or exchanges are permitted.

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.43CT Fancy Deep Orangy PINK GIA Certified Loose Engagement Diam


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